1980-82 Corvette Rear Differential

1980, 81, 82 Dana rear differential, excellent condition, low mileage.
Stored in our back room 30 years, feel like new.

We have two assemblies. Both were removed from cars that were only a few years old.
Ratios are 2.72 and 2.88, one for 4 speed, one for automatic.

Both are in great original condition.
Both are guaranteed for 30 days from purchase.
Ready to install, any problems, just return it for a refund.

$500.00 each, firm price.

Buyer may call us at our store and use Visa,
Mastercard or Paypal to pay for item.
Bank check accepted

Rowley Corvette Supply
Rowley, MA


Priced at $500.00
This part must be picked up at our shop - will not ship

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