Original Grill Teeth '58-'60 Corvette

Survivor grill teeth, 9 piece set, good to excellent condition

Complete Set, #24, #25, #27, #28
Most have original aged shank shaped studs.
The best teeth were painted w/ clear lacquer, which we removed.

The reproduction grill teeth are an excellent rendition of the originals
an have existed since the late '70s. At a glance distinguishing aged originals
from aged repros is difficult.

Listed below are comparison pics, original to reproduction
to show the difference. Comparison pics are of the
part number inside and an outside frontal view.

Shipping cost is $19.00 in Continental U.S., insured

Buyer may call us at our store and use Visa,
Mastercard or Paypal to pay for item.
Bank check accepted

Rowley Corvette Supply
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Original Grill Teeth '58-'60 Corvette

Front View: 2 Repros, 1 Original

Inside View of GM Part Numbers in The Casting

Inside View of Repro Part Numbers in The Casting

Priced at $350.00
This part can be seen at our shop by appointment

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