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Charlie Campbell's Swift Built From These Plans

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Swift Stall Strips:

Corvin Miller won the "Top Gun" RC event two years consecutively with his 1/4 scale Globe Swift. Although it is assumed that his high scale points were probably obtained by his faithful reproduction of a specific modified full scale Swift, his stall strips replication looks to be in error and was probably overlooked.
We attended the first Swift Convention in 1974 in Tenesee and several other regional Swift fly-ins on the east coast. At that time we ran into some very knowledgeable and long time Swift owners. We were told that the stall strips were added very late in the development stage to either lower stall speed or otherwise improve stall characteristics. During flight testing they tried taping a 3/16" or 1/4" tubing to the leading edge and they found it successful. The production parts had to closely resemble the haphazzard arrangement for airworthy certification, which they did.

We intend to include a more accurate replication of this part with our kit.
More Detail:
Flite-Metal is a self adhesive aluminum covering system designed to give your scale model the authentic natural aluminum appearance of full size aircraft. Flite-Metal is applied to any surface where the appearance of aluminum or titanium is to be simulated.

Rivet heads is a companion product to Flite-Metal and is the easiest to apply, most authentic looking rivet system for looking like the real thing. Rivet heads are available 1/6, 1/5, and 1/4 scale for both raised or flush rivets.

We need to document the Swift factory sequence of applying the aluminum skins to all surfaces to include in our instruction manual. Panel size is an important item as well. Any help will be acknowledged in the manual.

In all our travels in our Swifts in those days there was no better looking plane than a highly polished aluminum Swift, kinda like a biplane blowing smoke, everything else vieds for 2nd place honors.

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